Where We Stand: Democratic Secretaries of State

As Secretaries of State, it is our sworn duty to protect the voting rights of all our citizens. As Americans it is our responsibility to stand up and speak out against plans that we believe undermine confidence in our democracy. Now is just such a moment.

The Trump/Kobach Commission

has sent requests to our offices for the personal information of millions of Americans in search of what we do not know.


We expect transparency from this Commission. The minutes and memos of all work related to the Trump / Kobach Commission must be open and available to the public.

Protecting Personal Privacy Rights

We demand to know what protections to personal data will be provided in any search of voter rolls by the Trump / Kobach Commission. In many states the addresses of law enforcement officers, domestic violence survivors and others are protected information. Personal information that has been entrusted to state election officials must remain secure.

Fighting Foreign Interference in Our Elections

The U.S. Intelligence Community is united in its finding that Russia attempted to influence our elections in 2016. Evidence continues to mount that Russian agents probed our election systems for vulnerabilities. Those who ignore these facts and pursue other agendas are unwittingly doing the work of America’s adversaries by dividing us at home when we need to secure our election systems from foreign intrusion. The first focus of any federal commission on elections should be on how to best provide the resources to strengthen cyber security for the states and localities which actually administerelections.

Supporting American Values

In America, State and local officials are charged with the responsibility of administering our elections. We have long believed as a country that the federal system is the best guarantee of our civil liberties. As Secretaries of State, we stand united for the principal that no one person can control the election process. Mr. Kobach needs to demonstrate his understanding of the primacy of these values by pledging to make any and all requests for information voluntary and at the discretion of state and local

Securing Voting Rights for All Individuals

The landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 set a path for all Americans to be able to exercise their right to vote. As a result of this law, many minority voters who were previously suppressed through voting roadblocks – registered and voted. This Act should have been the ultimate framework for all elected officials to support – an active democracy where every citizen votes. Yet, Republicans continue to aggressively challenge voting right laws at both the state and federal level in attempt to revert back to a time where less people vote. Republicans state their efforts are guided in the name of stopping voter fraud, yet they are motivated by self-interest to undercut the electoral process and win with a smaller segment of the population voting. DASS is working to stop these actions, keep voting accessible and protect everyone’s right to vote.

Everyone Counted – A Fair Redistricting Process

2021 will determine election maps for the next decade. Democrats are starting to work now to ensure that all voters are counted. Republicans will work to undercount populations in urban and rural centers for their advantage and to make their districts easier for them to win. DASS will be promoting a transparent bi-partisan redistricting process and if necessary take legal actions when abuse and gerrymandering happen.

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